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Thanks for visiting Adifferentia, Inc..  We provide products and services that makes             it convenient for customers to do business with you as well as, put your long-term marketing plans on auto pilot.

We are currently building a networking of the most “In-Demand”  services with                       businesses that meet strict standards for service, quality and reliability - the types of businesses consumers can consistently trust and depend upon.

Once our alliance is completed, we will then provide unlimited, unbiased referrals of these companies and their services on the internet and inside high traffic areas such as shopping malls and  grocery stores.  We currently have over 100 virtua franchises, intentionally designed to promote your services and separate your business from        that that of your competitors.

If you would like to become a part of our alliance, please contact me by email or call             (813) 325-8731.  I can honestly say with pride,  that no other company will reach           more consumers for your business as effectively, efficiently, and affordably as              Adifferentia, Inc..

Clifford Pierre Jr.
Clifford Pierre Jr.
CEO, Adifferentia, Inc.

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